The Truth about Empower Network

Empower Network is the greatest paying affiliate subscription program on all of Earth.

Prior to you state to yourself, “Yeah, right. Everybody says that about their program!” I wish to explain to you that at the time of my publishing this that EN is factually, the greatest paying program out there, according to PER MEMEBER profits. In other words, our members earn more, usually, per person than in any other program.

There is absolutely nothing like it.

Merely refer others to earn 100 % commissions on the sales of any products your recommendations purchase.

Quality items, totally done-for-your viral blogging platform, marketing system and training.

Empower Network had actually entirely altered the multi level marketing market within simply a couple weeks of it’s launch. Over $1,000,000.00 in 100 % commissions paid out in the first 3 weeks of Empower Network’s launch, and over $10 Million in the first 8 months, and at the time of this upgrade, about 23 months in we have actually paid well over $20Million in 100 % affiliate commissions.

Ever checked that before?

We’re discussing entirely done-for-you marketing system, blog, everyday email swipes, webinars and chance calls, weekly live calls, live occasions … all done for you.

All you need to do is invite people.

This is an entirely brand-new vibrant and is truly “empowering” for those who require the aid.

Beginning at $25, the Empower Network opens the door for anyone who has any desire to make a change for the better economically. With the extra, higher-value products and the 100 % repeating residual income this program provides for the requirements of even the most greedy of business owner.

Evaluating The Empower Network Chance
\* Note: ALL commissions paid to Empower Network affiliates are paid just on item sales.

Now, It could be said that “Empower Network is only $25.00 to sign up with so exactly what’s the big deal? … Just get in. It’s not like there is any threat involved with it so simply provide it a shot and see exactly what happens!”.

This is true to some degree and if you are simply wanting to make a couple of bucks rapidly this isn’t really always bad advice. But if you occur to be somebody who has an interest in establishing something long term, and developing and long and stable stream of earnings with a company that you like and understand and you need to know is viable and stable, well then you will most likely have a great deal of concerns that you will desire addressed, particularly if it is something you are really planning to sink your teeth into and you will be putting a lot of time and work toward.

I make certain you will certainly find those responses on this site, or by means of one of the links to other Empower Network pages you will find throughout this website.


I work really faithfully to provide training and resources to our employee which far surpasses that being provided by any other group out there, so that they can not help however do well.

All the tools are there for our team.

When someone joins my group I desire them to be able to say, “Man, this person is crazy for offering all this to us totally free!”.

Why I picked Empower Network?
Excellent concern. The primary reasons were these:.

Empower Network is a program that can be done by any individual who desires to create a better circumstance on their own.

It does not take know-how.

It doesn’t take years of practice or experience.

One does not have to be a marketing expert.

One does not even have to be especially bright, though in life it helps.

The whole POWER of Empower Network is in the DONE-4-U advertising systems and viral blogging platform.

The Empower Network was particularly made to serve those without technical competence, and those without the desire to take a trip the huge knowing curve to establish technical expertise, so that one can start earning money as soon as possible with a completely done-for-you system.

The other main point of Empower Network is to offer a system wherein you do not need to do ANY presentations, you have to do NO selling. The creators of this company, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe, two of the most reliable speakers and marketing professionals in this industry DO THAT FOR YOU.

All you need to do is tell individuals about it.
Simply picture, not having to fret about installing a blog or building a capture page …

Think of not needing to fret about developing a lot of advertising pages and composing sales copy for hours on end … which’s supplied you even understand the best ways to do all that crap!

I can inform you from experience, due to the fact that I typically invest about 100 hours just constructing sites to use when I sign up with a new chance … it’s not really cool. In fact, it’s a pain in the butt! … and it’s my least favorite part of this business.

Empower Network Has It Done For You.
With Empower Network you are getting your blog built for you, your lead capture pages done for you, your sales presentations done for you, your email swipes written for you, your weekly chance calls done for you, your social media updates written for you, and so on.

I can tell you that this is such a relief!

Simply writing the sales copy for one page can take days if you wish to do it right. With Empower Network you have some of the most effective marketers in the industry doing this for you. All you have to do is mention to people about it.


Empower Network Affiliates Keep All The Money.

Bear in mind as well that Empower Network pays out 100 % commissions. ALL the money goes to us, the members. And this is recurring regular monthly recurring earnings. So when your new member pays his or her $25 or $100 subscription that goes straight to you, and recurs each month. This is raw power my friend!

Empower Network has actually paid over $1,000,000.00 in it’s first 3 weeks. Have you ever became aware of any comparable mlm or affiliate program doing this? Have you ever became aware of another one paying over $10 Million in commission in their first 8 months?

There is a factor.

Great sorrow! Who else is paying 100 % in the network advertising industry?

And the best part is that it’s just $25 to start, so if the individual you are speaking with has ANY INTEREST WHATSOEVER in beginning their own company, they merely don’t have any barrier to starting.

And if you do run into somebody who cannot manage $25 to benefit from an opportunity like this, well … do you really want to be losing time talking to that person any more? Precisely.

So the big factor what that the typical individual can do this. Anybody, and I imply ANYONE can discover other people, in this economy, who wish to make additional money.


Simply find a few partners, then help them find a couple of. That’s it.

We’ll get into details of the payment intend on the “How You Earn” page in a bit. There, I am going to go over in detail with you how us Affiliates actually make money with this program, and I’m going to review it a few different means and you will certainly understand it totally by the end of that tutorial.

Simplicity …
The Empower Network is virtually too basic to be thought. It just sounds MEANS TOO SIMPLE. Some.


people just need to complex things into incomprehensibility before they are happy.

With Empower Network you tell others. The pages and all the discussions and chance calls, and so on are done for you and they do transform site visitors into signups. You refer a new member which member signs up with, he pays you his $25. When your new individual refers his 2nd, Fourth and 6th members they, all 3 of them, pass up to you and pay you $25. Which is $25 each month! This program is created for individuals who are not “guru”s. You do not have to sponsor hundreds of individuals. The program is made specifically to empower the “little guy” to be able to earn money online. Check, each new member that is passed up to you enters into your pay-line and each person that they skip goes to you also … for life.

Raw power my friend.

It’s simply that easy.
Easy to understand.
And any individual can do it.
That was the main point.
That, and the 100 % net payouts.
So, here’s exactly what occurred …
I had been working another 100 % payout program for about the 16 months and doing quite well with it. I gotta tell you … 100 % commissions are the method to go. If you have any care for your very own income and you value your time at all, there isn’t really any reason you should be working for less than 100 % commissions. It’s a wild-goose chase. Stop it.

So I already understood the power of 100 % commissions and had actually been dealing with the same business design and made quite a bit with that, but when Empower Network originated on Halloween of 2011 it brought a whole brand-new dynamic to the game. Because of the advertising system, blog and all the discussions being done for us by master online marketers, there simply wasn’t anything left to do however inform individuals about it. This conserved me hundreds of hours … hundreds.

And since the found is Dave Wood and I had actually been familiar with Dave for some time, I put that together with the 100 % commissions and it was just stupid for me not to sign up with. After all, why make it hard on myself with low-paying opportunities?

And you need to know exactly what was the first thing I did to check the Empower Network?
I had a list of people who had left other programs that I had actually been working in over the years … just different MLM programs and such. So I took the first email swipe file that Dave Wood had composed and I simply send one e-mail to those people. To my surprise I had about 14 individuals join within 12 hours of sending out the e-mail.

Why was this such a surprise for me?

Since I didn’t have to build a web page … I didn’t have to do any presentations … I didn’t need to take any calls … I didn’t even write the email! I can inform you that in 14 years as a network marketer I have never ever, ever checked anything transform like the Empower Network marketing pages/system. I’m not kidding you.

I recognized best then that this was the best direction due to the fact that the return I got for my time with this was far, far higher than anything else I have actually ever performed in 14 years.

It just got to where I had to choose to be very stupid not to decide to play the Empower Network video game.

Why Are You Examining Empower Network?


Now, you may be looking into this as a primary income opportunity. Or you might be taking a look at it as an easy feeder for your main chance, or perhaps even just as a front-end affiliate program. It will certainly work for all those purposes. And whatever you are aiming to finish with it, that’s all right.

What is important for you here and now is to be able to get all the truths you require, and to have all your questions answered so that you can make an educated business decision concerning this program and you do not have to be left thinking about Empower Network.

And understand that with the current economic crisis many of the potential customers you fulfill simply won’t be able to manage those high-ticket opportunities. I understand first-hand the reality of this. But anybody can afford $25. Anyone who is serious about making a change in their lives can deal with the cost of a tank of gas to start a simple business. Add the 100 % commissions into the mix and it’s almost too easy. Heck, there are 20 million network marketers out there today making “wussy commissions”. Each of them has to to contact them and let them find out about Empower Network and the truth that they need to be making 100 %. Why would they not desire that?

Now, I have been associated with mlm because 1998 and have dealt with many different chances, MLMs, direct sales, low-tier, high-tier, affiliate programs, and so on. I have experienced six-figure earnings in network marketing and I have actually likewise been pulled down and had companies collapse underneath me due to factors beyond my control. The point is simply that I have been around the block …

Whether you are a very skilled network marketer, or you are brand new, once you really “get” how this opportunity is put together I believe you will feel as I do … that this IS the very best affiliate program in the world today.

And whether you are trying to find a straight-up affiliate program, a down-line builder for your primary opportunity, or you are just searching for one single business to promote, the Empower Network program can fill your need.

This isn’t really the “hype”, this simply is what IS. There isn’t even any real competitors for Empower Network. How are you going to take on 100 % commissions and sales pages that convert 20 % to 25 % of the people who see the discussion?

I also supply Team Advertising Training and Resources that are second to none!

These include such things as course on ways to get free traffic, the best ways to develop you possess automated web sales funnel from scratch (if you want to do that), how to make use of e-mail auto-responders, ways to create and edit video for video advertising, lessons on short article advertising, news release marketing, how to run promoted video on YouTube to get lots of leads, how to make use of Microsoft Ad Center to get cheap ads and inexpensive leads, my complete Web Mastery For Network Marketers training series, training on keyword research, Seo, Creating E-books and Software application quickly to promote your business, Tourist attraction Advertising, Social Media marketing, using Classified advertisement, Blogging and much, a lot more. Almost all the work has currently been done for you. The point is that, with the resources and help we provide, if you are not generating income, well, you just ain’t even trying!

I’m not joking you.

- See even more at:

Are you going to do this in 10 minutes every day? I have no concept. I have actually been doing this a long time and I do understand what I am doing, but something I can inform you is that you can literally perform the exact same actions I did due to the fact that all I did was send some emails using the Empower Network resources, without including anything of my own to it, and that was the outcome.

And a number of months in … the concerns is, is Empower Network sensible and does it earn money? The response is yes.

I really think there is no easier network marketing/affiliate chance out there. You can make it hard on yourself, or easy.

There is no more any question about whether or not this program works. The concern is now, “Will you work?”.

Sign up with right here.



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